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We are an online community of Creativists who are committed to creating for the sake of the collective. The Creativist Course equips artists, inventors and people from all walks of life with a mission behind their Creative acts. Committing and adhering to the Creativist worldview offers meaning and brings fulfillment to our lives as humans. 

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The Creativity Connection Conundrum.

What is a Creativist?

If you’re into Creativity, you may have noticed most teachers call the Creator of a work “a Creative.” This title seems to work well, in place of calling everyone folks, or Creative people, or artists, and then parsing out inventor, musician, writer, singer, etc. However, when I was working on my graduate degree, I coined a new term: “Creativist” because it resembles the word activist, and fully encompasses all of us who have become intimate and deliberate with our passion for Creativity. The title, “Creativist” infers a vaster understanding of and dedication to human Creativity for the benefit of the collective.

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The protocol for becoming an official Creativist comes in a 6-part course: 

  • Initial Interview
  • View a 30-minute video
  • Read the 10-page Creativist course handbook
  • Pass a Quiz
  • Sign a Creativist Membership Contract
  • Recite the Creativist Creed

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About the Founder

The Creativist course has been developed by Rene Urbanovich who has a Bachelors Degree and a Master’s Degree in Creativity Studies and Humanities. Rene includes diverse disciplines in the Creativist Handbook, including the work of physicist David Bohm, philosopher Pierre Teilhard De Chardin, psychologist Carl Jung and artist William Blake.

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